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If you think you would like to see me, call and we can talk it through. I’ll answer any questions you might have and you can check you like the sound of me!  We can then make an appointment if you feel happy.

Your child is entitled to free NHS speech and language therapy. Therefore I would always recommend you discuss any difficulties with your GP or health visitor, who are able to make a referral on your behalf.


For some families the NHS cannot provide therapy quickly, frequently or flexibly enough to meet their needs, so they access a private speech and language therapist.

Accessing private therapy does not affect your entitlement to NHS therapy. .

There are ‘good practise guidelines’ for NHS and private speech and language therapists working together. I will always liaise with NHS therapists to ensure we do not duplicate assessments and that our therapies complement each other.  Don't forget as a parent you are in control – you can stop NHS or private speech and language therapy at any time.

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