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  From therapy room:


  Assessment: £112.50


  Therapy session:  £75



  Home visits:

  As above + Travel costs


  School visits:

  As above + Travel costs



   Travel time charged at £30 an

   hour + 20p per mile


   Report writing and home    


   £75 per hour of time, typically     1- 3 hours                              

 Services From My Therapy Room

I can provide assessment sessions or therapy at home or in school.

Home visits and school visits are charged as above plus travel fees.

Travel fees are priced as 20p a mile travel costs + £30 per hour for my time travelling.


Initial assessment: 1 ½ hours   £112.50


This will usually involve:


 Parent interview: This is when I will find out the concerns you have about your child, what is going well with them and what they are interested in. I will also ask about your child’s medical history, development to date and family history.

• Review of any previous speech and language therapy input: I will ask you about any previous speech and language therapy and review any reports.

• Informal play: I usually play with your child and may ask you to play with them while I watch.  I can tell a lot about a child’s communication skills by observing them in certain ‘play’ activities.

• Formal assessment: I have a variety of standardized assessments which allow me to test your child’s communication. These are scored and the results compared to children of the same age with typical speech and language development.

• Debrief: Discussion about the assessment and your child’s communication.

• Planning: Discussion about what to do next. If therapy is needed we will talk through options and decide what is best for you and your child.

• Paperwork: A hand written summary of the assessments and recommendations will be provided then and there.  A full typed report can be provided if requested at additional cost (see prices).

Therapy Sessions: 45 minutes - 1 hour   £75


Together we will decide what the next important communication step is for your child and what kind of therapy is best likely to achieve this. I will then be able to estimate how many therapy sessions we will need. Sometimes if you and your child grasp the ideas quickly you may need less, sometimes you may need a few more, but don’t worry you are always in control. You can stop therapy sessions at any time.  Once we have achieved the next step we can talk about what we want to happen next. I will always inform you if I believe that therapy is no longer necessary or that its results would be negligible.

It is not uncommon to have a block of sessions (e.g. 4 weeks) for you to learn how to help and then have a break while new skills develop. Sometimes sessions are more on going.  


Therapy sessions: Therapy session will include:

 Catch up conversation: A discussion about how the week/month etc has been and any progress or difficulties you have experienced.

 Therapy activities: Complete activities with you and your child that are effective but fun for all

 Homework: Have a discussion about activities/ideas to continue with at home

 Paperwork: Provide a written summary of the session and homework activities.


I always have parents (or teachers/support workers) present in therapy sessions. When parents understand their child’s difficulties and how to help they can take these opportunities all day, every day to help them.  This is much more effective than 1 hour of activities with me each week. My focus in sessions is to train parents by explaining and demonstrating what I am doing throughout the sessions.

Full reports can be written providing details of assessments, progress and recommendations at any time requested.

I can also provide programmes of activities to complete at home or school.

Reports and programmes are charged at the hourly rate of £75 per hour and typically take between 1 and 3 hours to write. Content and time to complete can be agreed upon when they are requested.


Statements of Special Educational Needs: Reports can be written for Statements, tribunals or appeals in local authority areas where these are still in place. If I have not worked with your child I would require at least one assessment session and a school visit before prividing the report.


I know speech and language therapy is expensive but fees also cover all the costs involved such as our preparation time for the sessions and writing notes after.  It covers research time into the latest therapies, buying and maintaining resources and assessments, and attending on training courses to stay up to date.


After assessment I am able to attend tribunals or appeals.

I am also able to attend other meetings if required such case conferences, TAC (Team Around the Child) meetings, annual reviews meetings or IEP (Individual Education Plan) meetings.

Home and school visits

Report writing and home/school programmes:

Representation at meetings

Pages for parents and carers

Autism trouble shooting

Priced as individual support.

I am experienced in working with children with autism who may be exhibiting difficult behavior or having a crisis period. Difficulties with communication can be a contributing factor and I am able to visit, observe and assess and make a plan to help.  

This can be particularly useful for parents of school age children who often feels that there is little home support available once children start school.